$(selector).glow(color, duration, steps);

Pass null or false for any value which you want to use the default. All arguments are optional.

The default color is #FFFF99, a light yellow.

Why use this when effects.highlight.js does the same thing?

Well, it's lighter weight than the whole UI library, and the $.animate interpolation doesn't seem to work correctly with non-white background colors.

So I wrote this, it was quick and dirty, and it understands all of the colors out there, has similar options, and is tiny.



Source code

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	$(document).ready(function() {
		setTimeout(function() { $('.sub blockquote').glow('red', 7000); }, 5000);
		setTimeout(function() { $('.background-test blockquote').glow('orange'); }, 10000);
		setTimeout(function() { $('h1').glow('purple', null, 100); }, 15000);
		setTimeout(function() { $('pre').glow('rgb(0,80,0)', null, 3); }, 15000);
		$('blockquote').click(function (x) { $(x.currentTarget).glow('magenta', 500, 100); });
		$('.background-test').click(function (x) { $(x.currentTarget).glow('grey', 500, 100); });


jQuery Glow demo

Here's a message you may want people to pay attention to. Click any of these boxes to glow magenta.

Div and then a blockquote

Here's a second (red) message you may want people to pay attention to.

Reverse color tests

Another color, entirely.

Reverse color test 2

Another color, entirely.